Keep it Tight

Published on 6/25/2020

Storage Choices:

At Armoured RV Storage we strive to provide our guests a wide range of storage choices to meet their needs.  While some of our guests prefer the protection of covered parking or fully enclosed units the investment in building these units makes them quite expensive.  Most of our customers prefer the benefits and affordability of secured outdoor storage.  This option is much less expensive and allows boats, trailers, RVs and fifth wheels to move from side yards, drive ways, garages and the street into a secured storage facility.  This makes neighbors (and spouses) happy and gives owners the peace of mind their investment is protected.

Keeping it Tight:

While secured outdoor storage is affordable and convenient it does have the draw back that vehicles are exposed to the elements.  Many of our guests mitigate this issue by using a variety of covers.  They cover tires, they  cover windshields and they cover the entire vehicle.  When deployed correctly these covers offer vehicles effective  protection from the elements while also enabling the convenience and affordability of outdoor storage.  It is important to note, however, that these covers must be properly secured to the vehicle to be effective.  If a cover is moved out of position or blown from the vehicle it cannot do its job.  While some covers come equipped with the tie downs to effectively secure them, many require additional support.  Bungee cords were purpose built for this function.  Secured covers are an economical and effective option for protecting vehicles from the elements.

The Moral of the Story:

The lesson from our experience and input from many of our guests is to "keep it tight" and secure your covers.  Doing this provides an affordable and convenient option for storing your RV, boat, trailer or fifth wheel when you are not using it.  It provides all the benefits of secured outdoor parking while also effectively protecting vehicles from the elements.