Stress Free Parking

Published on 6/18/2020
When we first conceived Armoured RV Storage, we designed a facility like most storage lots - creating the maximum number of spaces to deliver the highest possible revenues (seems like a sound business principle).  We quickly realized, however, that this approach did not deliver the best customer experience. After all, no one likes being crammed into a tight space or requiring a seventeen point turn too get into their assigned spot.  

So, we went back to the drawing board with an exclusive focus on positive customer experience.  This led us away from traditional storage lot design and toward a different and unique approach.  Our customers use their RVs, trailers, boats and fifth wheels to have fun, relax and be with family.  Our job is to enable that outcome not add stress or complexity too it.  (You will understand this if you have seen a marriage tested by a couple trying to navigate their fifth wheel into a tight space :)).  After thoughtful consideration, we designed Armoured RV Storage with the following features to assure every customer has a "stress free" experience:

1) Every space is well marked and numbered so they are easy to find
2) We pre-assign our spaces so every customer knows they have a space and where their space is
3) We offer a quick and easy online booking system allowing our customers to find and pay for a space any time from anywhere (and in these times of COVID it allows our customers a "no touch" booking experience).
4) All of our spaces are 12 feet wide making it easier to get in and out and assuring plenty of room between vehicles
5) Most of our spaces are set at an angle making it easier to pull in or pull out. 
6) All of our longer spaces (45 and 50 foot) are located around a large open area allowing easy maneuvering and easy access
7) We assign unique security codes to each customer enhancing security and improving access control
8) We chose a convenient location right off the freeway so RVs and fifth wheels do not need to drive through down town or residential areas 
9) We chose a location close to local lakes (great for our boat customers) and on the route to ZION for campers and RVs
10) We offer 24 x 7 access so our customers can access their vehicles whenever they need too 

Many of these decisions may seem counter intuitive as they result in fewer parking spaces and higher costs.  However, we firmly believe that delivering an excellent stress free customer experience will deliver better business results in the long run.