Benefits of Being on the Wide Side

Published on 3/22/2024
Armoured RV Storage is committed to a stress free storage experience.   When storing an RV, trailer, fifth-wheel, boat or car everyone benefits from the extra wide storage spaces at our facility. 

Most storage businesses are focused on maximizing revenues so they try to squeeze in as many RVs as possible.   They either don't mark their spaces or define them at 9 or 10 feet wide.

At Armoured RV Storage our top priority is customer satisfaction and a stress free storage experience.   We have spaces from 20 feet to 50 feet long and they are all 12 feet wide.  That extra 2-3 feet makes all the difference when parking or backing in a trailer or RV.  

Our extra wide spaces are just one reason customers love Armoured RV Storage.   If your present storage facility has you wedged in a corner or in some skinny space switch to Armoured RV Storage where every space is a good space.