RV Storage Economics

Published on 7/3/2020
At Armoured RV Storage, many of our customers live in Canada, Idaho, Montana and California.  Why would people who live so far away store their RV, fifth wheel, travel trailer or boat at a facility so far from home?  It is basic economics.  For many people, it is less expensive to store their vehicle here in Saint George rather than drive it all the way back home.  When you consider the round trip cost of gas and the wear and tear on the vehicle, many owners find it less expensive to store their vehicle at Armoured RV Storage - especially when you factor in our annual rates.  In addition, they have peace of mind knowing they have a storage space waiting for them.

There are several reasons why this approach makes great economic sense at Armoured RV Storage:
1) We are conveniently located right off the I15 allowing quick and easy access with no downtown driving.   In addition, we are located right on the way to many popular destinations including Zion, Lake Powell, Arizona, Sand Hollow, Quail Lake and several popular RV parks.  Many of our guests will drive by our location on the way to their destination so leaving their trailer with us just makes sense.

2) When you consider how many miles many of our guests drive (and the mileage when pulling a boat, trailer or fifth wheel) the cost of gas alone justifies storing your vehicle rather than hauling it back and forth.  In addition, storing your vehicle reduces the wear and tear from driving those long distances.

3) With our Annual Plan, guests get a great price on storage.  This improves the economics of storing vs. hauling.  In addition, our guests know they have the same safe and secure spot at a great facility.  They do not stress about finding a space when they return or have to navigate a strange new facility.  

While each guest needs to decide what makes the most sense for their situation, many of our customers opt for the economics, convenience and absence of stress that come from storing their vehicle in a permanent space rather than hauling back and forth from home.

If that model makes sense for you - ask about our annual plans.