Elbow Room

Published on 6/7/2023
For many RV and Trailer owners, one of the most stressful things to do is back into a parking or storage space.  At Armoured RV Storage we appreciate how difficult backing up a trailer can be because we have done it.  Based on our experiences, we designed Armoured RV storage for people like us.  We have twelve foot wide spaces, we have extra wide drive paths and we placed our spaces at an angle making access easier.   Everything is designed to provide a stress free environment for our customers.  

Many storage lots cram in spaces by making them only 9 or 10 foot wide, putting spaces on the perpendicular and providing narrow drive paths.  They prioritize their revenue over customer experience.  At Armoured RV Storage we prioritize a stress free parking experience with plenty of room for all.  Whether storing a boat, car, truck, trailer, fifth wheel or RV Armoured RV storage provides the best value!