Stack Up for Savings

Published on 5/22/2023
Many of our customers have multiple vehicles they want to store.  Some have both a boat and a travel trailer, others have an ATV on a trailer and a boat or a car and trailer.  Some customers put their vehicles in two separate spaces as this provides the most flexibility and ease of access.  Other customers found they can save money by "stacking" multiple vehicles in a single longer space.  Armoured RV Storage has great 40 and 45 foot long spaces that are 12 feet wide and allow multiple vehicles to be stacked in the one space.  If you have a 30 foot boat trailer and a 15 foot ATV trailer you can rent a 30 foot space for $50/Mo and a 15 foot space for $42.50/Mo for a total of $92.50 per month.  Or, you could rent one 45 foot space for $75/Mo, stack the boat and the trailer into that space, and save $17.50/Mo.  

There is no right or wrong, just consider what is most important for your vehicles and lifestyle.  If flexibility and access are key,  rent multiple spaces.  If saving money is the priority, measure your vehicles and see if you can "stack" into one of Armoured RV's longer storage spaces.

We strive to provide the best value in RV Storage in Southern Utah and allowing customers to "stack" into longer spaces is just one example of how we deliver on that promise.