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Published on 8/1/2020

Outdoor storage is such an effective and economical option for storing boats, RVs, trailers cars and fifth wheels.  In fact, outdoor storage can be about 1/3 the cost of covered storage and 1/5 the cost of enclosed storage - what a great deal.  The downside to outside storage is exposure to the elements and in Southern Utah that is primarily the sun.  Luckily, there are now economical ways to protect your vehicle from the elements making outdoor storage the hands down winner. 

We recently discovered a new Southern Utah business, Southwest Shrinkwrap, that developed effective and affordable shrinkwrap applications providing excellent UV and weather protection for tires, boats, trailers and RVs.  Southwest Shrinkwrap will come to the Armoured RV Storage facility to provide their services so it is easy, convenient and affordable for our customers.

These value added offerings come in several options:

1) Tire wraps.  One of the most important areas to protect from the sun are tires (since they are black and rubber :)).  Southwest Shrinkwrap offers an innovative tire wrap that shrink wraps your tires in a 10 mil think white shrink wrap that protects them from the sun.  The shrink wrap fits tight so the covers don't blow off in the wind.  Tire wraps are normally $25 per tire but for Armoured RV Storage customers it is only $17.50 per tire


2) Top covers - after the tires, the most important surface to protect is the top of your trailer.  Southwest Shrinkwrap applies a layer of 7 mil white shrink wrap to the top of the trailer, camper, fifth wheel or RV.  Covering just the top provides protection from sun, dust and weather while being much less expensive than covering the entire vehicle.  Top covers are normally $10/linear foot but for Armoured RV Storage customers it is only $7.50/linear foot AND the wrap will be upgraded to 10 mil at no extra charge!


3) Full wrap - for those storing their boat, car or vehicle for a longer period, Southwest shrinkwrap also provides a full vehicle wrap for the ultimate protection against sun, dust and weather.  Their shrinkwrap approach is also windproof providing long term protection against the elements.  Southwest Shrinkwrap offers discounted rates for full wraps to Armoured RV Storage customers, please call for a custom quote.  


For those interested in getting sun and weather protection through one of these Southwest Shrinkwrap offerings please reply to this e-mail message or call us directly.  Have a great day and thank you for being an Armoured RV Storage customer.  

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Armoured RV Storage

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