The Early Bird

Published on 10/12/2020
Whether it is the COVID pandemic, changing demographics, increased prosperity or a combination of them all there is definitely an increased interest in RVs, boating and Southern Utah.  It used to be after Labor day when the calls started coming in and the lots started filling up.  This year we have not exited August and most RV storage lots are already full.  St. George is a great place to store trailers for the winter.  Our mild weather and convenient location make Southern Utah popular for owners from Colorado to Canada and the local population continues to grow.  All this means it is important to book your RV storage space EARLY.  It is also a great reason to consider Armoured RV Storage's Annual Plan.  With the annual plan you get a discounted rate and do not need to worry about finding a storage space each year.  Instead, you have a dedicated space in a secured facility that you know.  Another STRESS FREE benefit from Armoured RV Storage.